Riaan Van Zyl – Consulting and contracting Arborist's Pty(Ltd)

RVZ Consulting and Contracting Arborist

RVZ Consulting and Contracting Arborist PTY (Ltd) provide applied services in planning, management and the operational care for Trees and Forests which are associated and potentially impacted on by human interventions of any kind and the related infrastructure development required maintaining such actions. Using 30 years experience, up to date knowledge and technology in Urban Forestry, Conservation Forestry and Arboricultural practices and a trained staff compliment.

Where we work:

We are based in Stellenbosch but work through out South Africa. We have an office in Botswana, and work in Angola and Mozambique.

Service provided in:

•  Tree or Forest maintenance and preservation to increase live expectancy of trees and Forests

•  Tree assessment for health and safety, development applications or as required

Report writing

•  Tree inventories, mapping, record keeping and management of tree assets using our interactive system – GTIMSTM

•  Tree Protection Planning during construction

•  Assist in litigation matters involving trees and forests

•  Tree or forest monetary valuation – loss assessments, replacement costs and cost of cure

Tree Disease management

•  Fertility management spraying, soil amendments, tree paste – all organic components no dangerous chemicals used Stump and exotic vegetation management using no dangerous poisons.

•  Site improvement by mulching and developing a forest floor, watering, aeration of soil, root collar excavation Stump removal.

•  Recycle all wood and brush to forest floor material, mulches, compost or bio-char for redistribution to our clients.

•  Tree or Forest restoration programs.

•  Tree Structure repairs –cabling, bracing and restoration pruning.

•  Tree planting programs.

•  Tree harvesting for special situations – preparation, lifting, planting and maintenance.

•  Tree rescue harvesting and re-location programs.

•  Tree Inventories form the basis of our tree management system.

•  Tree felling as a last resort.

We Provide Services to:

•  Landscape Architects

•  Architects

•  Municipal Parks, Environmental, Planning Departments

•  Property developers

•  Town Planners

•  Estate managers of golf courses

•  Farms, hotels or school and university campuses

•  Home owner Associations, Ratepayers Associations or Special Rates Districts which also require care for their environment and trees

•  National Parks and Conservation Areas where trees and forests interface with infrastructure development and humans in areas not exposed to the extended natural environment

•  Residential property owners

•  Or any place where people and trees meet and trees and deemed an asset requiring preservation and care.